# Token Listing

https://github.com/mistswapdex/assets (opens new window)

  • Fork the Github repository

  • Create folder with name of token smartcontact address in CHECKSUM format blockchains/smartbch/assets/<token_smartcontract_address>/.

  • Tell your designer that token image must be in PNG format, avoid transparent background, recommended size 256x256px, with max file size of 100kB.

  • Upload your logo with file named logo.png to previously created folder with smartcontract address, and if you done all correctly your path should look like this. blockchains/smartbch/assets/0x1234567461d3f8Db7496581774Bd869C83D51c93/logo.png

  • Run npm run check and make sure tests pass

  • Create a pull request to the main repo

  • Add link to https://github.com/mistswapdex/default-token-list (opens new window) Issue

# To add to Token List

Join the #listing-requests channel in Discord (opens new window) and discuss with admins there. Please be prepared to provide all information about your project.

# To become a Farmable Token

Please read Farm Allocation Algorithm section - our farm listings are automated.