# Misty Lake

https://lake.mistswap.fi (opens new window)

# What is Misty Lake?

MistyLake is a one-way bridge to convert MIST and DROP SLP tokens to MIST on smartBCH. MIST is sent out approximately once a day. Tokens are redeemed one-to-one, and all SLP tokens will be burnt.

# Why?

MistSwap is created by MIST's creator, Kasumi. As MIST is generated every block on smartBCH like on BCH, it makes sense to provide an easy way to bridge SLP -> smartBCH. This may drive additional trading of MIST on SLP as well.

DROP is supported as detoken.net was always envisioned to be a SLP exchange. We would like to provide a chance for these tokens to not go to waste, and for DROP holders to become part of the MIST ecosystem.